Kreilstein is a small farming village that was settled on the fields at the foot of the Cerebus Mountains. A quiet village with a bustling market, Kreilstein is known for it’s large production of meats, wool and crops.

Settled around 437years after the Quickening, Kreilstein is a rather young community.

People of Interest
Name Position About
Seigfried Aldrac Mayor Seigfried has been the mayor of Kreilstein for the last 10 years. Like his parents, he has been a strong influence in the goings on within Kreilstein. A relatively young Orc (by Orc standards), Seigfried was elected Mayor when he was 35. Since then he has put more effort in to strengthening the trade routes between Kreilstein and it’s neighbouring cities.
Hannah Northshire Captain of the Villiage Militia Formed around 50 years ago, the City Militia is the only military presense within Kreilstein. It’s main purpose is to keep bandits and wild animals for harming the livestock and crops. Hannah has been the Captain for the last 3 years. Her ancestry lies within the Humans who migrated from the eastern deserts during the Quickening 674years ago. She’s both a talented engineer and adept at the use of the arcane arts, as is common with her race. During her 3 years as Captain, she has helped bring better technology to the militia.
Doctor Warren Ralley Hyll CEO of Krelstein Markets A doctor in his former profession, Warrenn Ralley runs the Kreilstein markets. He oversees the trade in and out of town.


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